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Disabling Plugins in Firefox

# Filed on Oct 6, 2006 by Anthony DiSante 4 replies

It bothers me when inline webpage content starts playing automatically within the browser.  99% of the time, if I want to see/hear multimedia content, I want it to be in an external player.  For example, when trying to play an MP3 playlist in an M3U file, I want it to play in XMMS, not in MPlayer within Firefox.

And actually that’s how it worked until about a month ago, when some upgraded package on my Ubuntu system messed things up.  Now all the M3U links that I clicked would start playing in MPlayer within Firefox... yuck.

Flashblock is a great Firefox extension that prevents all Flash content from playing unless/until you click on the content.  That’s truly fantastic.  But what about other types of content, like M3U?  I recently learned how to prevent Firefox from launching an internal plug-in to handle any given content, instead displaying the Open/Save dialog.

Just type about:config into the address bar (and press Enter).  Then type plugin.disable into the "Filter:" field.  This should display something like:


...which had the following value on my system


So just double-click on that and add this to the end of the list:


Restart Firefox and presto, clicking on M3U links now displays the Open/Save dialog.

Also, if you go to the about:config page and change the value to "false" for browser.download.hide_plugins_without_extensions, then you’ll be able to control many more media types when you go to Preferences -> Content -> Manage.


01. Jun 20, 2007 at 06:34pm by joetke:

I set seamonkey plugin as you suggest to get rid of this invasive mplayer plugin. My browser kept crashing on and on at each restart.
With firefox 2 things were slightly different. No crash, no change, clicking on a mp3 url wakes up mplayer plugin and its ugly black window. I wonder if mp3 url had a special internal handling in mozilla-alike browsers.
I don’t even see in preferences type list mp3 extension.
Well, I learnt yet how to change browser config... at my own risk regarding seamonkey crash ;)

02. Sep 24, 2007 at 07:41pm by noone:

you can use MediaPlayerConnectivity add-on for firefox

03. Aug 14, 2010 at 09:54pm by personX:

what would be really interesting is to have a way of batch disabling a selected group of plugins / extensions. There are times I want to use a group of 3 extensions, but most of the time I don’t need them, and they needn’t be enabled. It would be great to have a sub-profile of selected extensions, so that most extensions are disabled most of the time.

04. Nov 4, 2010 at 07:18am by Eric:

"Also, if you go to the about:config page and change the value to "false" for browser.download.hide_plugins_without_extensions, then you’ll be able to control many more media types when you go to Preferences -> Content -> Manage. "

Thanks for the tip !


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